We Shall Overcome is a trust established by a group of like minded people who came together to help the poor and needy who are in distress.

Core focus areas:




4.Protect Women, Children and Physically Challenged.

We Shall Overcome (WSO) has started its journey as a WhatsApp platform with a motive to get like minded people together and make them involve in the service to humanity. Initially, it started with 29 members and grown up to 82 till date. All the members do contribute 2-5 thousands each as and when required and sometimes collect from their close companions.

The specific goal of the group is to provide friends and likeminded people a platform to involve in the service to humanity directly.

Sometimes, we come across victims of calamities and other incidents and that melts our hearts. We feel like helping them but sometimes we fall short of money. If few other people join us in that process, it makes our task easier to get those victims out of their sorrows. Not only in service to humanity, this group keeps actively involving in knowledge sharing and members do discuss on varied topics so that all the members can have a clear idea of what is going on in the society.

As time passed by, our group could extend help to four charitable trusts and a number of people financially. As a part of the activity, we have contributed an amount of Rs 15 lakhs to the needy. Ashajyothi foundation is the main beneficiary with nearly 10 lakhs of that amount is received by them as they are doing divine service to the HIV affected children.

It being a continuous process, we unable to meet the ever growing requirements; and after a considerable deliberations and thought, in March, 2018 we formed a Trust and registered the same with the name WSO CHARITABLE TRUST with the objectives of helping the accident victims, poor people, underprivileged students, promoting the awareness on clean environment and other allied subjects.

Members of the group unanimously elected Mr Mahesh Pasula as President, Bandi Aparna as General Secretary and Mr Sunil as Treasurer. Apart from them there are six more trustees along with other members to administer the Trust in proper fashion as per Memorandum and Articles of Trust enshrined in the written document.

People from all walks stood as strong pillars of the trust including entrepreneurs, government officials, professionals, academicians etc. Our plan is to raise a corpus fund of Rs 1 crore so that the interest accrued on it can be used in pursuing the objectives of the Trust.

A small contribution of Rs.500 from 20000 people can make it to reach the figure. Rs.500 is not a big amount for the donors. It gives us immense satisfaction in giving back to the society. Recently, a boy named Harish got admission in NIT Nagpur but was helpless as he had no money to pay the fee. This group contributed 60 thousand rupees to him to meet his requirements so that he can join college and now he is happily there in college.

Please don’t consider WSO as a trust belonging to a few people. It is by the people and for the people. So we wish you all extend your cooperation and contribute from your side to make us move forward with more activities.

Let us build our society with our own hands. All are welcome.