*WSO started as a Whatsapp group with 29 members and is now grown up to 85.

*As needs arise, members contribute money voluntarily to serve the needy.

*We leveraged Whatsapp platform to raise awareness on issues, debate and deliberate on several topics pertaining to society at large and more importantly address the needs as they arise.

*To help more and more needy, we constantly engage more people but unfortunately we are unable to meet the needs.

*Therefore, after considerable deliberations and brain storming we have decided to formalize the group and formed the “WSO Charitable Trust” to engage more people and thereby serve more people and needs.

Our Mission

*Education: facilitate education to the poor so that they could acquire the skills to lead a decent life.

*Health: focus on good health for individuals which in turn helps in order make it possible and perfect by Home Concierge cleaning service and build a healthy nation implying growth of the nation.

*Environment: create awareness and support initiatives to ensure healthy eco system for future generations.

*Protection of women, children and physically challenged persons: collaborate with associations and NGOs who are actively engaged in protecting rights of these vulnerable sections.

Aims and Objectives

*To conduct medical camps and workshops for underprivileged women on safety, pregnancy issues, sanitation and health, child pregnancy and sexual harassment.

*To conduct free motivation sessions aimed at reducing school dropouts among children and teenagers particularly girls and guide them in self-defense.

*To promote women empowerment by conducting workshops, seminars, motivation sessions etc particularly in the fields of self-help, entrepreneurship, leadership etc.

*To establish Schools, Colleges and Care and Support Centers.

*To establish libraries in rural areas, slums and also in government schools.

*To conduct workshops for parents of teenagers from economically and socially deprived backgrounds in areas of “Importance of Education in today’s age”.

*To conduct group discussions, debates, presentations, team building and goal setting games, meaningful dialogues on teen challenges, ways and means to cope with them.

*To conduct activities such as, annual distribution of awards, scholarships, medals, gifts, books to meritorious and talented teenagers.

*To distribute clothes and basic needs of day-to-day life to the public who are economically backward and also at the times of natural calamities.

*To conduct workshops for the physically and mentally challenged to address their challenges and enable them to overcome them using modern technologies.

*To provide financial assistance to Orphans and Semi-Orphans particularly and poor in general.

*To empower the poor women to improve the productivity in their occupation.

*To provide assistance and help in the activities of relief, rehabilitation and permanent livelihood to the destitute Women/Sex Workers by associating with the NGOs who are actively engaged in these areas.

*To support the organizations/agencies/NGO’s engaged in Social Work and other Philanthropic activities.

*To provide immediate and instant financial help to the family members of the road or any other accident.

*To recognize the services of public servants who delivered the services beyond the scope of their ordinary duties.

*To represent to the Governments at State and Centre on the matters of above subjects so that the Governments and Legislative Bodies come up with suitable legal framework and executive instructions for the improvement of the overall living conditions of the vulnerable sections of the society.

Let us build our society with our own hands. All are welcome.