Education is today a basic essential need of life. It is a key determinant in a nation’s economic,
social and cultural progress. In a society like India, where disparities and differences on all
possible parameters are significant, WSO strongly believes that education can contribute in
bridging this gap.


Education facilitates in providing access to equal opportunities for all. It has
the potential to help the marginalized and poor to come out of the poverty trap. It indeed is a
great leveller. Nearly three-fourths of children in the educational years of age group, access
schools run by the government. While the number of schools, quality of school infrastructure
and children accessing them has increased manifold in recent years, a large number of children,
especially those from disadvantaged and marginalized communities drop out of school, without
completing even their primary education. At the end of primary stage (class 5), nearly one-
thirds of the children enrolled, discontinue attending school. Hence WSO initiated its primary
focus on Education support for the poor children. While schooling provided by the government
is free, there are several additional costs of education (such as examination fees, purchase of
text books, stationery etc) which the poor are unable to afford. These costs, their poverty and
limited livelihood options dissuade them from investing in their children’s education.

“In charity to all mankind, bearing no malice or ill will to any human being, and even compassionate those who hold in bondage their fellow men, not knowing what they do.”

WSO as per its focused areas has been undertaking many field level education support
activities. From the targeted districts, WSO collects requests for education sponsorship
activities. Based on one such request from a 10th standard girl child for education
support, WSO sponsored her 10th academic year fee and expenses to a tune of Rs:
15,000/-(Fifteen Thousand only). The facilitating support has helped Ms. Saiyani Firdaus
to complete her 10th education and also to become a self- supporting and an educated
girl child from her usually orthodox family at the local village level.


WSO has been also supporting students approaching higher education. One of its
successful support cases has been the support provided to Mr. Rakesh an orphan who
secured admission in the NIT Nagpur, but was not in a position to support his education
due to his vulnerable family conditions. His case and status was published in local
newspapers seeking support and sponsorship from philanthropic individuals and
institutions. On reading the appeal, WSO team members cross-checked the authenticity
of the information and on finding it as a genuine need, decided to support the student
for him to continue his education. He was offered with a financial assistance of Rs:60,000/-(Sixty thousand only). He was successfully enrolled into the NIT Nagpur

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